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August 9, 2019

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Why You Should Avoid Drunk Driving
Drunk driving is a regular habit that people indulge in and takes away 29 lives today, but the situation could have been avoided. Drunk driving has become a menace in every state and government, and different organizations are looking for a way to stop it instead of people thinking it is cool. According to the data from the center disease control and prevention, several people lose their lives every 5 minutes due to alcohol-related accidents. 5 minutes according to the center for disease control and prevention.

A lot of the taxpayer’s money is used for alcohol-related crashes which is why it should be a concern for most people it has been review revealed that over $44 billion of the taxpayer’s money is injected in alcohol-related crashes which would have been used to improve lives and public services. The number of drunk driving is still high regardless of whether the state confirms there has been a reduction since they’re still cases of alcohol-related accidents. The public awareness campaign organized by the government and different organization help people learn more and educational programs or DUI penalties have proven fruitful.

It takes as little as a blood alcohol concentration of 0.80 to call a fatal accident regardless of whether the impairment will begin before the crash. It is more dangerous for someone to have a blood alcohol concentration above 0.80 since they will most likely cause an accident. Those with alcohol use disorder usually take a lot of liquor before driving thinking that it will not be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.

People are advised to keep away from alcohol when they operate machines or go out driving, but it will affect you depending on your blood system. Surveys have shown that several teenagers and youths are usually intoxicated after a road accident and are entirely to blame in half of all the cases. The reaction time of the body will go down after taking a few bottles of alcohol, and you will need more time to respond to different situations while driving.

It is essential to avoid drinking while driving so you will be enough excellent mind condition from make better decisions and avoid hitting pedestrians. In most cases, alcohol will affect your concentration since you will not pay attention to what is essential while on the road especially to things like maintaining the right speed or switching lanes. Your vision will be affected after taking alcohol since you will not see properly and it will only worsen as you drive.

If you want to drive well and safely then you should stay away from alcohol especially since your eyes and feet need to be in harmony so you can make the right decision and avoid a crash. You will get slapped with a DUI/DWI charge get booked and penalize which will prevent you from driving while intoxicated.