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August 9, 2019

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New to Gardening, this Beginner’s Guide should help You

Would you want to start gardening but you not sure where to begin or you would want to do it as a hobby? Most homes in America have a garden of their own according to statistics. This is a good beginner’s guide that you can rely on.

Before commencement of gardening you should first plan. Use up space you have properly even if it may not be much. The next thing to do is to decide on the plants you are growing. Purchase the correct tools to begin gardening. Make sure you have the important ones out of the wide range available. The market has more advanced gardening tools which you will buy later on when you become a pro. However, since you are just beginning, you will only need, pots, potting soil, trowel, watering can, shovel, hoe, seeds, and digging fork.

In the beginner’s guide to gardening, the main focus is to know how to keep plants alive. Because all plants are different, it also means they need different care and attention. Gardening is a process which you need to research about and also try it out.

Photosynthesis is need so plants should get sun, guide. In photosynthesis, plants convert energy in their plant tissues. In case accessing the sun for your plants is not possible to consider plants that don’t require much sun. Wilting in plants will occur if they don’t get enough water since most of the day they are in the sun. To know the amount of water to give your plants, guide, check on the sun, the temperature and also the type of plant.

Another factor in the beginner’s guide is the soil since plants perform differently in for different soils. Remember, above we said you should plan before you beginning planting? The performance of plants will not be the same in different soils. You should buy the right soil in case you are potting plants. Work with a small garden since you are starting to avoid being over-ambitious. Begin small, if you plant too many vegetables and fruits they may go bad since you do not have a ready market, see the guide. Organize the garden, so all plants get enough sunlight. Select plants that are easy to grow. In the hot seasons, you should ensure you frequently water your plants even though during another day you will still have to water them. Make sure that you water your plants at least three times in a week, see the guide. Sprinklers can also be of good help. However, too much water may damage the plants.

Lastly need to know how to weed and prevent harmful bugs, see the guide. Weed will always be found in gardens. Use chemicals to remove bugs and water your plants as well as exposing them to the sun. Grow your fruits and vegetables either as a hobby or healthy choice.