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August 9, 2019

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All About SEO – The Climb To The Top

The surefire way to see if you are acing it in SEO is getting to the very first page of Google’s search results. As the crowd gets bigger, the atmosphere becomes more competitive, with thousands – if not millions – of people trying their hardest to get to the very first page of search engines. But you won’t have to worry about reaching out to a professional to do it for you, read on for what this company can teach you about the key ways of getting there.

If you know what the most searched keyword of term is utilized by the people within your target market, be sure to get on the first page of the word’s search results or you’ll be as good as the companies that sit at the bottom of the food chain. We are not overreacting, as the number one spot generates up to 34% of the clicks for the searched term, while even the first one at the second page generates not even 1%! You want to get as many clicks as possible, but even with 15,000 total searches for the term that this company of yours is targeting, the first place on the second page will only generate about 150 months each month.

So how do you get to the absolute top when everyone else in the business industry is striving to get there as well? SEO does not have to be complicated to give you the results you need, so here is some advice that even a beginner will find absolutely useful.

Relevance with backlink quality
The number of backlinks that you have pointing back to your site, the more fame it will get – that used to be the most fundamental tip. Make worthwhile contributions to your rankings by building on the quality of backlinks rather than the amount of them, as Google prefers to have the most relevant websites rather than the spammy ones with heaps of backlinks.

Target the perfect keyword
It will be more beneficial to this company if you target the most niche specified keyword, rather than a broad one that has more search hits in each month. It would bring more customers to this company when you end up on 3rd place for a term that will give you the exact kind of visitor you are looking for rather than on a broad term where the people might not actually be looking for what you have to offer.

Use social media to your advantage
Getting people to post on social media about your products or service is equivalent to spreading by word of mouth in real life, which will drive more people to this company website of yours by arousing curiosity, as well as provide more links to your content thus contributing to your overall ranking.

These are just some SEO tips for your website to get on that first page, so if you want to view more then click here!

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