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August 9, 2019

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Ways of Treating the Parkinson Disease
Understanding a disease is only done by the specialist because as much as the body may be ill diseases affects the same area. The nerve cells in the brain can be affected by a neurodegenerative disorder which leads to the victim having the muscle rigidity and tremor and also problems in the speech. The muscle rigidity, tremor and speech issues can be treated, but the normal cure of the disease is not yet established. Through the treatment that slow down the disease and in spite of the tremors be able to live a normal life alongside Nordic walking helps Parkinson patients.

The movement problem is the symptom of the disease that is caused by the lack of the hormone, but with the medication it will increase the level of the hormone . However the effects of the medication that you take can diminish over time thus making it no permanent way to hold the severity level of the disease. The carbidopa-levodopa and nordic walking help parkinson patients that the chemical levodopa makes its way in to the brain and converts into the dopamine, and the carbidopa ensures that the chemical reaches the brain to convert.

The duopa medication is effective and is administered through the small intestines for the patients who have the problems with the other forms of the medication. Dopamine agonist is another medication that unlike the levodopa it does not change them into dopamine on reaching the brain, but it mimics the dopamine effects in the brain. The compound inhibitors that are used can be able to restrain the breakdown of the dopamine in the brain through the enzyme MAO B that will reduce the decrease of the dopamine hormone in the brain through the medication can make you be nausea and insomnia.

The inhibitor medication however when used alongside the carbidopa-levodopa can make a patient hallucinate, and they cannot be used alongside the antidepressants because they can lead to a dangerous reaction. The use of the inhibitor in the blocking the enzyme that breaks down the dopamine to prolong the hormone effects of levodopa may lead reactions. Anticholinergic is another medication used alongside the Nordic walking helps Parkinson patients to reduce the tremors associated with the disease but causes of memory loss, constipation and hallucination .

For the early stages of the disease the mild effects are experienced with amantadine, and nordic walking help parkinson patients, and in the later stage amantadine can be used alongside the carbidopa-levodopa to control the involuntary movement, and it can cause hallucination and ankle swelling. The deep brain stimulation surgical procedure is used in the insertion of the electrodes in the brain that helps manipulate the brain activity. The Nordic walking help Parkinson patients alongside another form of the exercises in balancing the upper part the can be a treatment in the disease and better heart rate.