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August 9, 2019

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The Antique Interior Tips And Tricks That Actually Works Today.

Among the various interior designs that you can go with is the vintage or the antique design, and this has a warm feel especially when the furniture goes well with the interior design. This is one design however that usually is the most tricky to pull off, with the risk of ending up with a space that only feels cold and old although this is avoidable. Here are some of the vintage elements that you can use for the vintage interior design that will actually work today.

Choosing the colors that you wish to add to space is the first thing here, and while you are at it, you will have to make sure that they go well and also balance. The furniture and the accessories will come with different textures and accents, and this is why you should refrain from adding excessive colors to space. To spice things up a little bit, you should add some complementary colors in form of a piece of art for instance, and all you need here is to learn how to do this to bearing the best feel and look. Many people usually have trouble differentiating the retro from the vintage, and this is not good for your design as these are two different era themes that have different cues. If you choose the vintage then this is what you housed stick with.

What people sees first when they walk into the room, whether it is a decorative statue or a comfy couch, the focal point, is the most important piece in that room. This focal point is the first thing that you choose, and then design the rest o the room, remembering the texture, accent and color harmony and balance, the focal point is the point of reference. When the accessories and the furniture are sized well relative to the space size, there will be harmony and balance because the scale is part of this together with the color and the texture.

The clustered feel is the last thing that you want in your home, and to avoid this then you have to take care of the scale and even if you have no space then this is how you create the illusion of the space. The modern lights make the space more functional and just because you choose to go with the vintage style doesn’t mean that they will look out of space. You will, however, want to make sure that you use the warmer lights to make sure that space is well lit, but at the same time not too lit.