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August 9, 2019

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Learning More about Bone Conduction Technology
The type of device that is used by a person to conduct the sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull is referred to as ear conduction technology. One can prevent the ear canal from getting blocked for when a person uses bone conduction technology it’s the audio content that which is acquired. Bone conduction technology can be used by normal people as well as those suffering from hearing loss. Study shows that they are several people that do listen to music. Many people listen to music and its known to be associated with numerous advantages, however, to ensure that it does not cause harm to the ear one is advised to consider using bone conduction technology. Bone conduction technology has been seen well than the regular headphones for they bypass the outer and middle ear completely. Also several people prefer bone conduction technology for it passes the middle ear meaning that eardrums are not involved in the process.

Using a bone conduction technology is important for it mainly plays the role of the eardrum. Bone conduction technology is important for it decodes the sound and also transmits it into vibrations. The vibrations that the bone conduction technology transmits goes direct to the cochlea where the signals are taken to the brain, and they get interpreted to sound. Not only to normal people is that bone conduction technology beneficial but also to those suffering from hearing loss. Several people that are with hearing loss it because of the damaged eardrum, therefore, they can make use of the bone conduction for this technology does not involve eardrum. These people with hearing loss can efficiently use this device assuming that their cochlea is healthy. there are times where this bone conduction technology is not effective for those with hearing problems for the vibrations that are mainly sent to the inner ear can fail to be picked up. The first importance of a person using bone conduction technology is that it increases situational awareness. Situational awareness refers to knowing that which is happening what’s around us. With the use of bone conduction technology one can realize quickly all that which is happening on our surroundings helping us identify potential hazards. T The fact that one places the bone conduction on the cheeks help in improving situational awareness.

Another advantage of one using bone conduction technology is that one is provided with more comfort. Use of headphones can be tiring and uncomfortable thus choosing bone conduction technology is essential for t to provide one with relaxation. Lastly, it important to note that bone conduction technology is safe for the ears. It of great advantage for one to make sure that ears are safe and good care provided thus important to use bone conduction technology.