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August 9, 2019


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Relevant Positions That Need to Be in a Small Company

Starting a business is a dream that many individuals have as it gives them the chance to be independent and have control over their lives and most importantly it gives them financial freedom. Even though initiating a business is not difficult up to 90% of businesses collapse when they start. In order for one to avoid this, then they need to get the relevant jobs during the initiation of their business. Achieving ones goal is possible if they consider hiring the following people when they are starting their company.

The first individual that one needs to consider hiring in their company is the product manager. The role that the manager has in the company is to ensure that the product is a success in the market by involving all the employees. More than other employees, the product manager is well aware of the product that the company is selling. A marketer is the second position that one has to consider hiring into their company. Identifying and being in contact with the target audience is the task that a marketer has in the market. A marketer has to make sure that many people are aware of the product that the company has to offer.

Thirdly is the accountant. By hiring an accountant, then an individual will be aware of the sales and expenses that their business have. The accountant can also be an advisor to the business owner on how they can go about with taxes. It is also important for an individual to know that they will need a human resource manager.

A human resource manager has the role of identifying individuals that are able to fulfill the tasks in the company. The human resource manager also assists in addressing the grievances that the employees might have. There is also the importance in one considering hiring a sales representative person to their company. There has to be sales for a business to be able to growth. Given that a small company is equipped with the best sales team, then it does mean that it will grow. Sales representative also help in setting strategies that will be beneficial to the business in future.

In conclusion, when selecting individuals to fill in the slots above, then it is vital for one to ensure that they consider the relevant factors when hiring them. It is hence the duty of an individual to clearly define the role that each person has in the company. An individual will, therefore, be certain that the growth of their business is definitely a guarantee.