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August 9, 2019

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10 Important Facts on How You Can Meditate at Work to Improve the Health of Your Body, Mind and Soul
Meditation at work is a tool that is being used by many people to keep themselves healthy. When you apply the meditation techniques you can be sure to say goodbye to blood pressure, stress, anxiety and also focus on your work. In case you are wondering how you can achieve meditation in your workplace then this article is meant for you.

The first things is to find a quiet place. Here you need to ensure that where you are there is no internal or external noise. It’s not easy to identify a silent space at work not unless you are advantaged to have a personal office. In your silent space, you can choose to sit on a chair, on the floor or stand while meditating.

Secondly you should use a meditation app. There are many options for the meditation apps and they are good for your meditation time timing. Also the app will give you some guides for your meditations.

You should not plan for long time mediation. It’s good that you start with little time of not more than 5 minutes and you will feel its difference.

Consider making it a daily routine. For better results, you should practice doing your meditation at a given time daily. You keep your meditation as short as possible and if you have much time you can divide it into three times a day.

Get ready before you begin. Before you get to the real-time for meditating you need to ensure you have made your mind to focus on the practice by your breathing pattern. When you start preparing before the time you are actually maximizing in the time that you have for the meditation practicing.

The other tip is to go outside. You know what, there is nothing smart like having your meditation outside where you have fresh air, enjoy the feel of the grass, sunshine and many more. However, some outdoor may not be good for you like if it’s full of traffic and buildings.

Repeat a mantra. Between the TM and Transcendental meditation you should consider the mantra to clear your focus. You are not restricted to which mantra or meditation practice you should use.
Ensure the meditation becomes a habit in your life. This means that anytime you realize your mind is overloaded you should practice the meditation practices.

Whether you are doing the meditation at your home or work you should know that disruption is normal and they will happen anyway so be ready for them.

You should make sure you have informed others about your meditation practice and you never know they will find it useful.