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August 9, 2019

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How Typewriters Beat Computers?

Just because there is a huge movement in technology, there aren’t any rules saying that we could simply abandon old techs. Today, it looks like that there are many more people who are becoming tired of using computers. If you are so tired of using computers, then why don’t you consider using typewriters than computers? At the end of the day, these supplies played a critical role in its golden days.

You will be able to discover different reasons why it is a smart move that you write using a typewriter as you read this article. This way, you can rethink of trying the old-school methods of typing in documents. Don’t worry as few of the reasons aren’t farfetched.

Number 1. You do not have to download updates – similar to others who use computers a lot, there are situations wherein you have to open up your computer and receive prompts telling you to download or update the system to latest software, install some form of web browsers and antivirus. Interestingly enough, this will sometimes pissed you off.

Well, if you opted to switch from typewriters, all these annoyances can be averted. In comparison to computers, these supplies need not to be updated or downloaded software. Enough reason to type in one if you are fed up with the constant update you have to make.

Number 2. You are not prone to hacking – historically, there are roughly 30k websites that are actually vulnerable to hacking on a daily basis. This only means one thing, unless your documents are written using a typewriter, none of your files will be saved. Remember that your email doesn’t always have sensitive information. Needless to say, there’s going to be a time when you need to create docs that contain personal information, password lists, financial information and so on. When you use these supplies to type, it function as substitute to protect all these sensitive information.

Number 3. You immediately have a physical backup – the good thing when using these supplies is that, you won’t ever have problems of losing the document that you recently worked on. Compared to when using computer, it’s probably hard to remember the last time that you have created backup on your files.

Number 4. Typewriters are more affordable – this is not just about the amount of money that you can save initially. With regards to comparing the time, productivity and repair costs, you’d be at looser ends as you are waiting on costs of upgrades, repairs, power cords as well as new machines. With these supplies, buying ink and doing bit of maintenance is what you just need to do.