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August 9, 2019


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Tips for Cleaning Car’s Headlights

When your car has unclear headlights, then you will find it hard to drive at night, as your vision will be compromised. Your headlights can get dirty after driving past a swamp of mosquito. Dirty headlight can also make you lose your tracks, and this will lead to frequent signals from oncoming vehicles. Therefore, cleaning the headlights is one of the ways you will maintain your car. You will then need to read more here in this article, to learn on the best ways in which you can clean the headlights.

Using toothpaste is one of the ways you can use to clean the headlight. Even though the toothpaste is a domestic item, it will be a good choice in cleaning the headlights. The headlight will be cleaned in the best way, though this might sound crazy. Before you start cleaning the headlight, you need to run over with your hand. You should clean with toothpaste when you realize bumps on the headlight. Smooth headlights will mean that the fogginess is coming from the inside and alternative methods will be used to clean the headlight. Removing the layers on the headlight is the process of cleaning it with the toothpaste. In case you are scrubbing with the toothpaste, you will use a toothbrush. More elbow grease will be used in the cleaning of the headlight that is more yellow and old. You will have to scrub one more time when the results are not appealing to you. Then you will need to spray some water on the headlights so that you can wipe it clean. Dry the headlight and then apply some wax. This will prevent the headlights from getting dirty again.

Cleaning the headlight can as well be achieved by the use of the sandpaper. Prior to scrubbing the headlight, you should clean the car with soap and water. Since you want to block off the headlight from the rest of the car, you will use painters tape. Then, you will need sandpaper to scrub the headlight. After wetting the headlight, you will need to make horizontal strokes. To avoid scratching, you will need to keep the surface wet and scrub in the same direction. When the cleaning is not clean enough, you will then need to use a less abrasive material, but you will move in a different direction. Diagonal strokes can replace the horizontal strokes when you use less abrasive material.