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August 9, 2019

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Things You Need To Know Before Under Taking The Laser Hair Removal Process

Most people would like to change the way there are, and this has been confirmed by the high number of Americans undertaking non-surgical cosmetic procedures. If you need removing unwanted hair, you can try laser hair removal. However this is not a decision you should take lightly, and you may require guidance on a few things. The first thing we are going to look at is what one should expect after undergoing laser hair removal.

The first thing you will get to notice are a few physical changes. After seeing this service, do not expect that you will achieve a glowing and radiant skin in no time. Below are some of the physical effects that you will start experiencing in no time. You should expect itchiness and discolored skin after a laser hair removal therapy. There is nothing to worry about as this will not last forever. You are also bound to expect stunted hair growth and also slight growth for the first two to three weeks. Do not panic as this is normal.

Let us now look at steps you should try out after laser hair removal. These are simple and obvious steps you can follow and which will help you maximize the effects of this service. First you need to avoid cutting or shaving your hair. It does not matter whether any new stands of hair start to appear, do not cut or shave it. Waxing is also completely prohibited after this service. Leave the emerging strands for the laser to zap them up during your next treatment. Another step that is recommended for you is scrubbing off your dead skin from time to time. In other words, exfoliate a few times in a week. This should be after you seek this service. You can opt to use body scrubs or the exfoliating washcloth.

Also after this services you need to slather on SPF. When you slather your hair, make sure the laser hair removal process becomes a lot easier to carry out, and all undesired hair is gotten rid of. The closer your hair is to the natural and skin surface, the more effective the laser treatment will be. This is among the most important steps one can follow.

The next important thing you need to know about this service is how to book your appointment. After undergoing your first treatment, you should have your next treatment scheduled four weeks apart from each other. The next appointment should be between the six and the eighth week, and this should go on until your hair follicles are completely disabled and there is no way hair can grow again.