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August 9, 2019

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The Signs for You to Re-Insulate the Attic

Attic insulation is necessary to ensure your home does not retain moisture or even cold or hot air does not get in. Conversely, if the insulation has worn out, then you should consider re-insulating your attic once more. In this article, you would find more info on how to know that your attic needs to be re-insulated.

When you find that your electricity bill has gone up abruptly, then you need to consider re-insulating your attic. If you have been using your heating and cooling system as you use the other days, then the bills should never go up unexpectedly. Hence, it means that your heating and cooling system is being overworked for it to produce the right temperatures for your home since there is the entry of either cold or hot air in your home.

Your attic should be re-insulated if at all your door and windows have a draftiness. If your doors and windows have been well for long, and then, they started to draft and both of them are well closed and sealed, then it means that there is cold air inside. This shows that you have to re-insulate your attic because it is worn-out.

You should consider determining if your attic insulation is in place if at all your indoor temperatures aren’t constant. Sometimes insulation can move, thus, leaving empty spaces which allow passage of air whether cold or hot. Therefore, you have to re-insulate your attic for the right temperatures to be maintained at your home.

It is a daunting task to control pests, primarily if you have invested in pest control services, but still, you can find the pests. Conversely, some pests are known to infest the attics because of poor insulation. The rats, bats, snakes, and bees are some of these pests. If these pests inhabit your home, then you are in danger, and your health can be disrupted. Hence, when you find these pests in your home, they need to be eliminated immediately and re-insulate your attic.

Damp insulation is another sign that your attic needs re-insulation.

Again, if most of your surfaces at home feel colder than normal, then it is an indication that your attic needs re-insulation.

Your attic has a problem with insulation if at all you find ice dams on your gutter because the ice dams form once the heat from your home reach to the roof melting away the ice on the roof whereby it freezes all over again when it gets to the gutter. This means that your attic needs to be re-insulated for the best outcome.

When you re-insulate your attic you benefit because you never incur these issues at your home. The benefits associated with attic re-insulation are great because you are at peace when you are at home.