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August 9, 2019

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More on Hunger Issues

There are many people from all over the world who are experiencing food related problems including in some great nations. People do not think that the popular and developed countries have people who find it hard to get a meal which is not true. Being a citizen of a popular country does not guarantee that you will always find a meal and can sleep without eating at times. The people do not have the guarantee that they will find something to eat at the end of the day due to lack of means to get money to buy. Sometimes the food they get is not of much help as it does not consist of a balanced diet required by the body. Other people are not aware of such problems because they have more than enough food and usually wastes a lot of it after it is left.

Some individuals and firms have tried to be of help by availing healthy foods to those without it. The people are given food got from other citizens and organizations that donate funds to be used to get the people food. For better results, the organizations make sure that the food given is of quality and beneficial to the health of individuals. If people were to give surplus food stored in their homes, it would make this problem less and end it once and for all. People with more than enough resources and money can give back to society through donations to the food relief organizations. Christopher is an employee of one organization giving food aid to the less fortunate and is passionate about it.

He resides from a poor family that found it difficult to raise enough money for good food to the members of his family. The difficult times made his father try various means to make a living which led to him joining the military. He was among the first people to start food recycling so that they could get money and food to eat. This experience gave him the urge to work hard and help other people going through such problems world wide. Having completed school he got jobs from various firms and has worked with different of them that provide clients with health foods. Although he faced such difficulties earlier on in life, it did not prevent him from working hard and becoming a successful man. Organizations have a responsibility to come together and find solutions to the hunger problems facing people from all over. People can learn to live a better life by sharing whatever they have with the less fortunate. The act of giving to the less fortunate makes one have a sense fulfillment.

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