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August 9, 2019

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Why Every Woman Should Use a Different Beauty Routine during Summer
There is no reason to feel left out during summer when there are a lot of beauty tips for women in their thirties. Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year since they will not have to wear jeans all the time but rather flowing dresses. Your skin and hair might not be ready for the summer season so you should pay attention to the beauty routine you use.

Protecting your skin during summer how to avoid signs of aging and wrinkles and should be the first thing to consider during the season. Women are advised to use a facial moisturizer that has SPF of around 40 all year round which is crucial during summer. You can avoid using the regular body lotion and consider those with an SPF especially when you are showing skin in your legs and arms.

You should not stay out in the sun through the hottest hours of the day and make sure you apply sunscreen all over your body anytime you go out swimming or on the beach. You can decide to wear a hat or cap like those advertised at this beach shop for excellent protection. Foundation is a good way of giving your skin an even tone and covering flaws, but it can be too heavy during the summer and fly out because of the heat.

Swapping your foundation for a BB cream is a great option since it will lighten your skin due to light reflecting pigments. Make the primer your best friend for your makeup routine during summer since it has a base which will feature a makeup and discover in place for several hours even on the hottest days. Waterproof mascara will be a better choice for summer, but you will have to identify the best makeup remover that will get rid of the mascara completely.

Women are advised to go for oil-based removers which work best with the waterproof mascara save-the-date the formula down and help you avoid having your eyes a lot. Learn to embrace your natural beauty instead of using a lot of powder during summer since so you can have a youthful look and enjoy the natural glow of a dewy skin. Multiple people are discouraged when they see fake tan fails, but a good option would be the self-tanner since you use only important body lotions and fake tan mixed.

Bold colors for your pedicure are nice to show your personality plus it blends well with the summer vibe. The weather in your hair is natural or colored, always go for conditioner and shampoo for color treated hair to get UV absorbing filters and moisture.