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August 9, 2019

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Understanding More About Different Types Of Organizational Cultures

Most of the small and new organisations do lack a large structure that can properly focus on the functional groups. The culture of an organisation is very important and for many businesses, cultures or working environments consists of the production activities, marketing activities and other activities that are aimed at the growth of the business. Despite of many new and small organisations being less structured, the kind of the workplace cultures adopted can greatly promote their growth.

Before learning about some common types of organizational cultures that any business can have, it is important learn about some of the benefits that good workplace cultures provide. A good workplace culture can greatly improve the way the business works and benefit it in so many ways as discussed below.

The first advantage of having a good workplace culture in your organisation is improved productivity. The other reason why organizational culture is important is to help create identity of your brand therefore increasing marketability. It becomes very easy for the employees and the management to share opinions on how to grow the business when working in a common organizational culture.

There are different workplace cultures with their own unique characteristics which different organisations fall in. Some popular types of workplace cultures in many organisations are discussed below. The clan culture is the first organizational culture many businesses do have. This type of an organizational culture mainly aims at improving the products, agreement and achievement of set goals of the organisation.

There is minimal competition in the clan working environments which is a great advantage to both the organization and the employees. Clan cultures contribute greatly to better collaboration between the workers and the employers for the success of the business. To make the clan cultures work in your organisation, there is a great need for better employee engagement and commitment. As said above, a good organizational culture should promote unity and teamwork in the firm and in order to achieve this, then clan culture is the best option. In the clan organizational culture, the role of the top management is to mentor the employees for better results.

The second organizational culture is the market culture which mainly focuses on competition the business faces. In this organizational culture, the employees are required to set strict goals and aim at achieving them. Adhocracy corporate culture is another popular organizational culture that aims at helping the organization easily adapt to any kind of change in the market, promote employee flexibility and empowerment. Hierarchy culture is the last organization culture which does not offer any guidance but instead one is required to adhere to authoritative measures set to fit well.