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August 9, 2019


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Discover More About Kid Entrepreneurs

Some kinds has demonstrated that the time is always right to do anything because their entrepreneurial mindsets developed at a very young age with some being about seven and becoming millionaires just because of being creative and innovative. These kids has made many people believe that there is nothing like not being in the right time or place, but rather they can do anything they want anytime. The list of kids below demonstrates that anyone can make a change only if given a chance to create an idea and make it a reality.

Kid president is one of the favorites although he is not an entrepreneur, but he has been able to make a lot of money. This kid did what not most adult could do by creating videos which are highly liked because they are base on love, hope and being good to other people. He is from an encouraging family which promoted his ideas by showing him that nothing is impossible.

Noa Mintz was just twelve when she founded the Noa’s nannies after she saw their need in the city she lives of New York and Hampton. Noa was encouraged by her principal that it is good to do things as early as possible and therefore she utilized that chance to make her own company.

On realizing that there were few games in the app market Robert Nay developed a bubble ball which picked so easily because within one week millions of people had played that game. This kid wrote to 24 levels, and the most amazing thing is that he learned and wrote these codes in one month. What makes Robert an entrepreneur is that you can sell ads on his game and he is now working for another game app.

The fact that her father was sick and could not hold a cup of coffee touched her deeply, and she took this as a challenge to create a kangaroo cup out of plastic, and when this was possible she also made one for her father. Lily was very curious to say because she needed to help her suffering grandfather and in this way she was able to lay the foundation of her great company.

Her main aim was to save the dying bees, and therefore she added local honey to her grandmother’s flaxseed lemonade to make their food and she was sponsored by Shark Tank to start her own company.

Alina Morse is a kid, and she knew that sweets could cause her health problems, so she made zillipops with flavored fruit juice that has no sugar. It doesn’t matter the age but with the ability you have to be creative as demonstrated above.