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August 9, 2019

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Notable Injuries That May Become a Cause of Permanent Disability

Many people are now disabled and unable to work like before after losing the ability to move after suffering from an injury. People may end up depressed or have a mental breakdown after knowing they are no longer able to function normally due to a disability. As such, the disability may end up taking a huge toll not just in the body but also in the spirit and mind of a person. It is a widely-known fact that work-related accidents or incidents may end up in disabilities after suffering from an injury.

There are basically two kinds of permanent disability: partial or total. Every one knows how tough it is to be jolly after suffering from an injury. It is obvious that permanent disability can be challenging to any human being. People who end up with a disability suffering from an injury may have an impacted quality of life. People due to loss of a loved one may cause to be depressed as well as disability after suffering from an injury. It is good to know the types of injuries that could cause permanent disability.

It can be a tough time for any one to lose a limb. More often, people who are working manual labor may figure in an accident and may run the risk of losing a limb. Work-related injuries can be severe and it may lead to arm or leg amputations or both. It may happen at the work site, which may result in the ability to perform tasks or inability to work. It is possible for a person with permanent total disability to claim compensation.

Going blind is something that can happen. People who work in hazardous places may end up losing sight. It could be either partial when one loses eyesight on one eye or total disability when sight is lost on both eyes. Accidents are not the only reason for people to lose eye sight as diseases such as diabetes can also lead to blindness. Macular degeneration may also be a reason for some people, especially among the elderly, to lose sight.

A person, after suffering from an injury, may end up losing the ability to hear. Noise can be excessive in some workplaces and as such some people exposed to loud noises may end up losing some ability to hear. Hearing loss may either temporary or irreversible.

After suffering from an injury, an accident can lead to back pain. Some people with back pain may end up suffering for a long time and end up disabled. Back pain may be caused by high falls, heavy lifting, or any other work-related causes.

Disability may be caused by many instances especially after suffering from an injury. A loss of a loved one can be depressing, but so it after suffering from an injury.