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August 9, 2019


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Is it Worth Living in a Storage Unit to Save Some Bucks?
With the skyrocketing increase in the cost of renting a house, it will cost you a fortune to only go by one month. This problem is even more elaborate for most Americans who have to part with about one thousand five hundred dollars every month just for their rent.

This has driven some people to look for cheaper alternatives and living in a storage unit might be the best one yet but is it even legal? However ideal this may seem, you should stop and ask yourself if it is even legal. A research on the many hazards that may accompany living in a storage unit are severe enough to make you change your mind about moving into one. It will surely save you a lot of money but it might not be worth it.

What would make somebody move into a storage unit in the first place? Many of us would consider the thought of moving in to a storage unit completely absurd and outright insane. If this would mean saving some money however some may think it is worth the risk. The renting cost of an average storage unit is almost four times less compared to renting an average home in the United States. It is only reasonable that some people may consider this option.

The fact that you can cut your living expenses by four has made many individuals and even entire families to settle in storage units in different areas across the nation. We have seen recent headlines of people caught living in storage units to save a couple of dollars. Almost everyone who went public with their occupancy of a storage unit was later evicted and some suffered worse outcomes. It is apparently illegal to live in a storage unit and it might just be the reason that gets you arrested or thrown out of the storage unit.

In light of these and many other risks associated with staying in a small and dark storage unit, some people may think it is worth the risk. The conditions inside may take a toll on your health and it may get really hot inside where the temperature is not regulated. Storage units are fire hazards and if one breaks out when you are inside it may prove impossible to exit. Saving a few bucks should not come at the expense of your own health and even life.

It is both illegal and unsafe to move into a storage unit just so as to save a couple of dollars. Get a storage unit and store some of your personal items to let you move to a smaller house instead. This will, in turn, save you some money without the associated risks of living in a storage unit.