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August 9, 2019


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Ways in Which You Can Know Your are Having a Dehydration Problem.

Research done has shown that almost 75 percent of America experience chronic dehydration. On body will show signs that you don’t consume enough water.

Without water, every part of our body including the brain and muscles will not function well, since our bodies are composed of 60% water. If you have the signs below, it is an indication you are dehydrated.

If your body is not feeling well, it could be a sign you are dehydrated. Look out for the following physical symptoms.

If you find yourself feeling dizzy or nauseous, you should consider taking water. If you are nauseous, you can end up vomiting. It common to experience low blood pressure, if you are dehydrated.

Another symptom is a headache. If your body is dehydrated, you will end up having a headache.

If you find yourself been tired, this is an indication of dehydration.

Also, dehydration can lead to fainting due to low blood pressure and decrease in the volume of the blood.

It is common to experience a pounding heart, of you have dehydration. Your heart will have a problem moving blood round, if you are dehydrated. If your heart is pounding, it is advisable you sit down and drink water, so that it can raise our blood volume.

Another way you can know you are dehydrated is by experiencing some changes in your body.

To know if you are dehydrated, it is important you check your urine. If you are hydrated, your urine will appear the color of a yellow sticky note. If you are dehydrated, your urine will look dark yellow and amber. If you urine is clear, that is an indication you are overhydrated.

Also, if you are dehydrated, your mouth and tongue will feel dry, this is because our body needs water to produce saliva. You can have a bad breath, if you are not hydrated, because of the bacteria. It is important you drink a lot of water and brush your teeth regularly.

You will see some changes in your skin, if you are dehydrated. If you skin feels cold and clammy, that is a sign of dehydration. Your skin will become rough and flushed, if you are not taking enough water.

If you don’t take enough water, your body will have a problem digesting your food, leading to constipation.
Dehydration also changes your mental functioning. If you are dehydrated the functioning of the brain deteriorate. It will affect your memory, concentration and alertness.

You will experience more pain, if you are dehydrated. If you find yourself experiencing unexplained pain, it is advisable you drink water. Dehydration can cause the pain in any part of the body. Regenerative medicine can be used to deal with this pain, you can find out more here.