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August 9, 2019

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Night Camping Ideas.

It can prove to be fun by leaving homes and going to camp in areas far away in the company of friends or other people. Friends, co workers or families may decide to organize a trip where they spend the night camping outside usually in parks or places not near towns. Fires make the camping more fun since you can gather around and keep warm while sharing experiences and stories. This time can be well spent by telling or listening to stories from your companions especially old time stories about your childhood. Some members can sing some songs from favorite artists or sing songs that make everyone happy and feeling included.

If there is a song that everyone is familiar with, they can sing along together or some volunteer to sing the song for the others. Creativity can help at this time if one can make some tools to produce beats and give some flow and rhythm to the tune. Getting to play games such as hide and seek can give back the good old memories of childhood to make it fun. Games should not involve straying far away from the site and participants should be paired to keep track of each other. In normal days one may not even get time to look up at the sky which can be done during night camping to observe the universe from below. Members can prepare by bringing swimming suits with them for campsites that are not far from water bodies so as to go swimming. The members can play some game that requires each one to tell others some things about them they didn’t know.

Knowing more about someone helps to understand them and also can serve to create friendships and stronger relationships. Issues disturbing some of the members can also be discussed openly and solutions suggested to help them solve their issues. Books can be brought along and read for the other members or each of them reading on their own while at the camp. Taking a walk through nature at night can also be fun and they can use lanterns or torches if they are not used to walking in the dark.

The calmness found in nature especially at night can help one calm down or think clearly about their issues without being distracted. Cooking some foods that do not need much knowledge can be done around the campfire even if one does not normally cook. For more fun, the members must equip themselves with things that will be used to cook or make the stay comfortable. It is normally cold outside at night which is why everyone must carry warm clothes and even wear some warm socks.