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August 9, 2019


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Signs That Divorce Is The Way To Go

One does not go into a relationship with the plan for a divorce. We go into a relationship, and ultimately marriage, in the hopes of growing old together. But there are just some circumstances that slip from our control and become the cause for a split that was never meant to happen. Statistics show that a whopping number of 40 to 50 percent of marriages actually end in divorce. What the numbers won’t tell you though, is what brought couples there. There are many warning signs that point to divorce, and you can learn and read more here.

An Emotional Gap
Couples become concerned or troubled when there is no end to their disagreements. But more worrying than constant quarreling is the absence of a quarrel of the very least. When a couple argues, that means the issues in their relationship still matter to them, but when they become indifferent towards the damage and towards their partner, they are past the point of no return. If you relate to this, read more here.

Any Form Of Abuse
Abuse comes in many hideous shapes and kinds, including physical, verbal, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse. If your spouse is ever abusive to you or to your children, no matter how much you love the person, love yourself and your family enough to do what could make it stop. Do not put yourself nor your children at risk by staying in an abusive marriage, so read more here about getting the legal help you need.

An Infidel Spouse
Depending on your values and who you ask, discovering that your spouse is having an affair does not mean you must cut ties immediately. If both of you are willing to put an end to any existing affairs and go through marriage counseling, then there may still be hope for your marriage. But don’t you ever forget that you are not obligated to go through that kind of pain for the sake of your children, as you too deserve to be completely loved and valued. For help with the matter of infidelity and what to do next, read more here.

Struggles With Addiction
If your partner has addictive tendencies, it does not necessarily mean you have to get a divorce now. But if you have been trying to help them seek treatment yet they have no desire of getting better, that could be a sign that divorce is one of your options. For help in situations like these, click this link and read more here.

These are just among the many problems that arise in a marriage that could potentially be the red flag that signals for divorce. If you have read this article and found that you are going through rough patches similar to those mentioned above, don’t hurry into a life-changing decision yet – get all the help you need and most of all, remember your worth and be bold.