August 9, 2019


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The Benefits of Using Microsoft Excel

Excel has been in existence for almost 3 decades now and it has helped many businesses that use it for their operations. If your business is not using Excel, then you are missing out on a tool that can help you simplify many business processes. You can do a lot of things in Excel. If you need to calculate formulas, organize data, create graphs, etc. , the Excel can do this for you and a lot more. If you want to learn Excel with your employees, then take courses online; it is easy to learn.

The importance of Excel for your business is given below.

If data is organized, your employees will be more efficient in their work. Excel is the best way to organize data. In Excel you can get your data organized through graphs, tables, and more. You can add to your spreadsheets over time and it allows access for other employees to do so as well. If you are an administrator, you can see the progress in a single place

Excel can also be used by companies with physical products to track inventory. You can add descriptions to the items as well as wholesale and retail costs. Data on the inventory you have sold and the remaining items can be determined through your spreadsheet. You will be able to know if you need to restock. Backorder situations will no longer be experienced and your business will not lose money on lost inventory.

Another way to use Excel is as a calendar for your employees’ work schedules. By looking at the calendar they will know their work schedule. Swapping time with other employees is possible with Excel. All this information can be accessed by the administrators.

Weekly and monthly goals can be kept track of on a spreadsheet. Specific details can be written on when the goal has to be met. They can also mark it off when completed on the spreadsheet. Administrators can then know which employees are hitting their goals and which are not.

One important use of spreadsheets is for time log. Date, time in, time out, lunchtime, and other times can be logged in your spreadsheet. You can check employees time logs. Excel can calculate the total hours worked by each employee. AT the end of the day, Excel can give you the total hours of all employees and how much you need to pay them.

You can use excel for CRM. You can include any information about your customers because it is customizable. It is also easy to change anything in the future.

You are able to analyze big or small data and make sense of it. You can easily sort and retrieve data. Performing calculations repeatedly can be customized. Then you will simply punch the numbers and Excel can give the answers without using a calculator for it. You can then analyze your data in chart or graph.