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August 9, 2019


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Making it in Comedy

When you see what professional comedians do, you may feel the urge to become one. This, however, does not mean it will be smooth sailing all through. You need years of practice, talent, and lots of jokes to use. Here is more info on what you need to do.
You first have to love getting people laughing. You can build on that by learning comedy. As much as your first attempts shall not yield fruit, you will have to keep going. This shall not be an easy career, with so much competition out there. You will have to study comedy and keenly observe the best. You should not forget to observe even those who never made it. You should keenly understand how those who are now called the best started. You will see many signs of weakness.
You need to work on your material. Your original content should ideally last you more than an hour on stage. You should then look for open mic chances out there and start working. This shall tell you whether you have the skill. When you are writing, you will see the struggle of coming up with original content. If being funny is hard, try being original while at it. This explains the long time a comedian needs to get it right.
You need to find your voice. It needs to be original and unique. You need to test it out till you get it right. Some people prefer the alternate persona way. This is using a voice more confident than what you normally have.
Personal experiences tend to give you a lot of material to work with. This approach has proven reliable for most comedians. You, therefore, need to write everything about your life. As time goes, you will learn to weave them into your content.
You need to be ready for hecklers. These are an inescapable reality for comedians. When you think of the presence of alcohol in comedy clubs, you will see how easy it is for that to happen. You will have to come up with things to say at those moments. Aim to get the audience on your side to effectively kill a heckler’s intentions.
You should also expect to flop at one time. This will be among the worst things to happen to you. Keep in mind that this happens to the best of them out there. Take it as a learning experience. Such moments allow you to learn more about comedy than the rest. You will be better prepared next time.
You need to constantly be on stage, each night if possible. The more you practice, the better you will get. You may discover more about touring comedy on this site.

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