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August 9, 2019

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How The Body Responds To Stress

There are different stressful situation that people face in this life. Stress is tension response that occurs to an unpleasant situation. The advantage of stress is that it makes us address various things in our lives. However, if one experiences stress for a long time it denies people the opportunity to be happy in life. Stress can also cause some of the chronic lifestyle diseases that people are battling with. Thus, people should know the signs that show that they are stressed so that they can address the stress.

The human body takes stress in various ways. The heart responds to stress by pumping the blood at a higher rate. When something scares us the flight response is triggered so that it can ready to handle the stress. Chronic stress causes high blood pressure. Muscle pain is also another way that the body responds to stress. During stress the body is usually anxious that make the muscles to react by aching. If this tension continuous one may experience muscle pain in various parts of the body including headache. The third sign of stress is getting angry over matters that are not serious. When we are in a bad mood we are more likely to get pissed at people for no apparent reason. During these times we lose a lot on friends because they are unable to bear with our mood. Sleep apnea is also a sign that shows that someone is stressed. Going to bed while mentally disturbed makes it hard to have enough rest at night.

The fifth warning sign of stress is that the victims have a low sexual drive. People that have been anxious for a long time have low libido. People that do not sort these issues are likely to suffer from chronic stress are likely to decrease their chances of reproducing. Suffering gastrointestinal problems are among the issues that are caused by too much worry. There is a chemical that reacts to tension in the stomach, the acid burns the walls of the stomach causing peptic ulcers. The worst stage of stress is depression. If stress is not addressed the constant feeling of anxiety makes one to feel hopeless and have a lot of negative energy. Depressed people are likely to wallow in drug addiction. Being anxious weakens the body making it at risk of various health problems.

Stress is inevitable; we have to to learn to handle uncomfortable situations. There are various things that can help people to reduce their anxiety. Getting body therapy is among the things that can help one to relax hence people should have massage membership card. Going on a trip is an incredible way that can help in relieving the tension that is caused by stress. Keeping ourselves busy with an engaging exercise such as taking part in a sports activity helps in addressing stress.

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