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August 9, 2019


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A Guide on How to Monitor Internet Activities for the Youth.

The amount of time spent by the youthful population behind screens a situation aggravated by internet connection platforms such as social media and virtual online gaming. Cases of insomnia, depression, anxiety, poor grades in school are some of the mental, physical and emotional disorders associated with internet addiction. Here are some strategies you can employ if you are looking to monitor your children’s internet usage activities.
One of the best ways you can keep internet use in your house monitored is by making it a privilege. Due to the ready availability of internet connection, most underage don’t really know the impact the system has on them when they spend too much time surfing. It is therefore important to ensure that your kids understand that access to the internet and mobile phones are not guaranteed. This way you keep the situation in control and limit the gratification your child gets from screen time and keep their impulses on internet use under control. By taking this step, you will also encourage your kids to spend more time on constructive activities.
Another way you can monitor the internet activities in your home is leading by example. It would be impossible to tell your kids to get off her phone at the same time you are scrolling on a social media platform. It is important that you teach your kids how to use books for research rather than internet and also avoid using your mobile phone when you are driving.
You can also set some ground rules on screen time with your kids and ensure everybody understands them. Ensure that everyone understands the rules, what is expected of them and the consequences they are likely to face in the event they fail to comply. You should also set boundaries for internet such as switching off the Wi-Fi router when it’s time to sleep. Blocking an adult content site is also a good strategy you can employ in protecting your kids from adult content exposure.
Encouraging your kids to spend time on outdoor activities is also a good strategy you can employ. Activities such as walks, a bicycle ride or playing in the park are some of the best ways your kids can spend time outside away from their mobile phones. Making meal time sacred is also a great way of keeping everyone off their phones. A good way of doing this is everyone switching their phone to silent mode and placing them in a basket which is kept aside until the meal is over. You can have plenty of bonding time with your kids and this also build a culture in your kids for appreciating personal conversations and be free when monitoring internet activities.