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August 9, 2019

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Reasons People are Giving for Supporting the Move to Changes the Drunk Driving Laws in Texas

In a recent survey in Texas, many individuals do not believe that the current drunk driving laws in the state are strict enough and are pushing for changes. The results of the poll conducted by the Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute shows that 54% of the residents in Texas are proposing a reduction of the legal blood alcohol concentration from .08 to .05. The poll also showed that 46% of the people in Texas desire that law to change the BAC from .08 to zero. The following are the reasons people are giving for supporting the move to change the drunk driving laws in Texas.

In January 2018 Utah made it official the enforcement of the .05 blood alcohol concentration limit. Texas may be looking to follow in the steps of Utah in lowering the BAC limit law from .08 to .05. To come up with the statistic that 54% of people in Texas are for the lowering of the BAC 1000 people from Texas and another 3000 from other states where interviewed. One of the experts during the poll was Dr. Garson who insisted on the use of the high number of people to get accurate and dependable results about Texas’ population opinions on drunk driving laws.

The differences on how people react when drunk is the other reason why many people are advocating for the BAC to be reduced to zero. According to experts two people may drink the same quantity of alcohol, but one may be impaired while the other can conduct basic task such as driving. Therefore, although a person may have a BAC of .04 he or she may be of a greater danger to cause road accident than another person with a BAC of .08. Due to these reasons many people are pushing to change the BAC limit from .08 in Texas to zero to enhance road safety in the area.

The other reason people are giving for supporting the move to lower the BAC limit is to reduce the number of road accidents in Texas. The risk of a car crash is magnified when the driver is drunk. Therefore, it is only logical to propose a lowering of BAC to reduce these accidents.

The question that experts are raising is on whether lowering the BAC to .05 is strict enough to result in any positive changes. Experts are also advising people to seek more information on the effects of drinking various types of alcohol such as a glass of wine versus a bottle of beer. It is also crucial to learn more about the effects of having a .05 alcohol concentration on your blood. To improve road safety many people in Texas believe it is necessary to enforce the drunk driving laws.