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August 9, 2019

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Essential Guidelines for Staying Healthy when Traveling
When traveling one can get sick. Some of the symptoms that people develop during travel are respiratory problems. Bacteria and viruses can breed on airplanes. The trays, bathrooms lavatories, door handles, armrest and the pillows can also be covered germs. There are many places where you can collect virus and germs when you are traveling, regardless of whether you are traveling through public transport, personal car, airplanes or other available means.
When you are traveling it is essential that you stay healthy and to be able to achieve this there are many things that you need to put into consideration. Below are important guidelines that can help you to stay healthy when you are traveling.
As earlier mentioned it is vital that you keep your hands clean at all times. Germs thrive well in crowded and public places and so when you are using the public transportation, rooms and accessing the airports there are higher chances that you will come in contact with germs trough touching. When you do not have access to any water during your travel ensure that you carry some with you in order to use it for cleaning your hands. If you are not able to carry water with you get antibacterial wet wipes, a bar soap, hand sanitizer and anything else that you feel will be helpful for keeping your hands clean.
Traveling can make you feel physical and also mentally stressed. The reason, why you could feel tired when traveling is because you are changing the time zone, traveling to a new place and also spending many hours on the flight. There are some helpful ways that you can get rid of fatigue when traveling and one of the ways is by meditating in the morning or before you retire to bed, or you can also practice the mindful breathing, and this is through focusing your breath for at least 5 to 6 minutes to reduce the body stress levels, clear your mind and this will be helpful in staying healthy when traveling.
You have to stay hydrated at all times when traveling. The normal body water levels is 50-60% and therefore you need to maintain these levels for your body to function well. When you are traveling the water percentage in the body drops, and this is why you have to stay hydrated, if your body is not well hydrated you will have headaches, be fatigued, your body immune system will be weak, and you will have lowered intellectual functions.

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