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August 9, 2019

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Steps to Take When You Break Your Tooth

When your tooth breaks, it causes a panic irrespective of how calm you try to be. The truth is that you might have no idea of what to deal with it, but you have to at least no panic. The good news is that you can have it fixed and you will restore your smile. You have to keep reminding yourself that a dentist can restore your teeth to their initial position. However, the tooth gets out totally, an emergency dentist will have to get contracted so that they can come to your rescue.

When the entire removal of a tooth happens, you have to ensure that you call for emergency help immediately because that is the only way that you will increase the likelihood of fixing it. The first aid skills for a broken tooth become necessary in such a case. The next time you find a person who broke their tooth in an accident, the following are the tips of how you will handle the situation. The first step that you should take in that case is to warm a cup of water and use it for rinsing the mouth. For you to get a clear view of the affected place, you need to add some salt to the warm water to clean up the area which surrounds the broken tooth, and you can obtain a clear view of the damage.

When the area has oozing blood, you need to make sure that you stop the bleeding. The use of gauze against the affected area is advisable. The pain relievers that you will get over the counter can be very helpful in your situation because after taking them; you will feel relieved. The nervous system of your teeth will be the root cause of your problems, in this case, depending on the degree of damage. Likewise, you have to target the affected area using an ice pack on the mouth to decrease the swelling.

When you get the broken tooth, it means that it exposes your nerves and that is no joke when you have to use cold or hot foods. The human nerves have a very high sensitivity to extremely high and low temperatures and exposed to any of them will only intensify the pain. The fact that you manage to stop the bleeding, pain and swelling means that you can now wait to for the help of a dentist who will take care of the rest. When there is no emergency dentist to call, you need to purchase dental cement from a drug store and use it.