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August 9, 2019

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Ways in Which Nursing Homes Should Operate

Nursing homes are places where the elderly are provided with residential care since they cannot be left at home alone as they cannot take care of themselves due to certain problems. When the elderly cannot support themselves in terms of bathing, eating, and dressing their families normally consider taking them to a nursing home where they can get full support at all times. The health and personal care provided in the nursing homes is what makes an elderly person to live longer.

Although in many nursing homes the elderly people are well cared for, there might be those undergoing abuse from those attending to them. Therefore, to avoid this, the nursing homes have elder law that contains the rules that require them to offer quality services to promote the physical and mental aspect of the residents.

The basic rights of the residents should be followed in every nursing home. The elderly should enjoy the nursing home basic rights by being given a quality life which includes mental, physical and psycho social services. With the basic rights in place the patients have the right to maintain their personal property and finances, decide their care plan and also the right to preventative care which provide them good health and safety.

Meeting, the health and safety needs of the elderly, is paramount in a nursing home. Every elderly in the nursing home should receive adequate health and safety needs from the staff, therefore the nursing home must have enough staff to perform the task. The nursing staff is given the responsibility to ensure the elderly people are clean, adequately dressed and taking the right nutrition, having enough drinks to prevent dehydration, thus enable them to remain in good health.

The nursing staff keeps a close eye to the patients to ensure they help them with the medical devices to avoid accidents and injuries. Additionally, there are inspectors who examine the place to make sure the residents are safe in terms of their health and hygiene.

The home should have Authority to the assessment of needs for every patient under their care. The nursing homes are required to assess in details and the needs of each patient so that they can receive federal funding through health organizations. The medical staff develops a care plan that is subject to evaluation annually and it contains what the patient needs, for example, what they like and dislikes, their preferred community based social activities and the medical attention they require.

Developing a care plan involves a process of creating a record for the elderly residents and outline their care plans that enable the nursing staff to be aware of the resources to be used on each and the time they have to allocate for the needs.