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August 9, 2019

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The World’s Famous People and Their Celebrity Pets
For anyone wondering whether owning a pet is worth all the struggle, yes it is because eventually both parties benefit from each other which is why millions and millions of people own pets today. What is more exciting is that pet ownership is not just limited to the ordinary people but most celebs are great pet owners as well to pets that have climbed to stardom in their own capacity. Reading through this article enlightens people with a soft spot for pets nit just about celebs but also their famous pets as well.

First on the list comes Hannah which is a dog owned by Brittney Spears but has a very popular profile on Twitter with more than 60000 people following the account and 1200 tweets as well. Hannah is a Yorkshire Terrier that belongs to Brittney Spears that appeared on Twitter in 2012 and has since never looked back for a minute but has kept its light burning over the years. She has also acquired celebrity followers over the years some of them being Miley Cyrus and the Kardashian clan which is such a great achievement that most people are always looking forward to but have not attained.

Anyone that knows Anushka Sharma obviously knows her pet known as Lab that is so common on social media and among her fans as well. It is not just the love that Anushka has for Lab that is amazing but also the fact that she has gone right ahead to also champion for pet friendly festivals as well which is a perfect way of spreading love. Chances are even that she may even go right ahead and try out the popular dog CBD oil that is immensely becoming prominent in the modern business world.

This list can never be complete without mentioning Reese Witherspoon who is not just the best Actress Oscar winner but also a long-time animal lover that has accumulated a rather impressive collection of pets. She does not just own the popular duo donkeys that most people know but also many other varieties of pets as well. Some of the animals that Reese Witherspoon has owned include three dogs and goats as well as two pigs and a pony as well as 20 chicken among many others. Apart from the celebrities named above, there are also many other celebrities that keep popular pets such as Miley Cyrus who keeps a pig named Piggy that she loves so much not just when spending time with but also feeding her which explains why she has been severally quoted saying that feeding pigs are her best time as well as Tom Hardy and his pups.