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August 9, 2019

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The Best Way Of Fixing Hardwood Floors To Guarantee Termite Control

Termites are usually useful for nutrient cycles and also bring major loses in wood structures among many other valuables. Most people with hardwood floors complain about termite attack to their floors than those with concrete floors and tiled floors. Properly constructed hardwood floors rarely experience termite attacks. This article will help you prevent risks of damage to your hardwood floors by termites.

It is crucial that you look at the spaces between the floor planks before starting the reconstruction. The intention for carrying out the observation is to uncover any pests such as termite control that are known for damaging hardwood floors. You can notify a termite control expert if you find any signs of termites. The other benefit of carrying out observations is that you will be aware of the type of floor you are dealing with. The work of refinishing hardwood floors like pine and oak is a lot easier compared to refinishing mahogany, maple and walnut. You can then start refinishing your hardwood floor when you are sure that there are no termites and that you can handle the particular type of hardwood floor.

After the first step, you can then carry out an adhesion test. Begin by selecting a small area where you will carry out the adhesion test. You should begin by cleaning the area of floor that you are dealing with using a floor cleaner. Sanding the clean area with a sanding screen and removing the extra residue is the next thing that you should do. The dust-free area is then ready for the application of a coat of polyurethane. You can look at the area after around twenty-four hours. The area where you applied termite control polyurethane coating should be polished apart from the few whiskers caused by dust. You can then press down on the surface using medium and even pressure to confirm that the solution will adhere properly.

After the above step, bring together the materials that are essential for termite control your floors. The most of the materials that are necessary are inclusive of the hammer, nail set, pliers, edge sander, box fan, power floor buffer, polyurethane floor sealant, work gloves, hearing protection, breathing protection, industrial grade vacuum cleaner and painter’s tape. Ask your neighbor if you can termite control the above items from them and if they do not have them, buy from an online seller or from a home improvement store near you.

The last three steps in refinishing your floor involve cleaning, buffering and adding the finish respectively. Cleaning helps to termite control the floor so that it becomes spotless. While buffing you should know that the sanding screen will wear out after about ten to fifteen minutes. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the floors of any dust before you add the finish. The easiest floor finish option to use is polyurethane.