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August 9, 2019


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Finding out Whether Car Hacking is a Fact or Fiction

It is essential to note that carmakers are heavily investing in their own autonomous vehicles. You find that most of the cars are getting smarter with many modern features which also come with new set of errors. But with the increase in cyber-attacks it is just a matter of time before the cars become the next target for hacking and we have some cases that have already been reported. So, let us find out if car hacking is a fact or some Hollywood fictions.

The first thing is security which makes the center stage. With the introduction of smart car features we can compare the issue of car security with what we had with the internet of things. Here the people were running for innovations with better and smarter features that no one paid attention to security as a vital aspect in the development process. Fortunately, the new vulnerabilities were discovered quickly which brought back attention to car security which has become a major consideration.

Besides, there is also Bluetooth security in cars. You find that the Bluetooth system is one of the major security risks faced by modern cars. For starters, Bluetooth is not natively encrypted, and its connectivity has been designed for open use. This can make the attackers connect to that Bluetooth and exploit ways of controlling other parts of the car. For the developers who want to use this connectivity option, it is time they work harder to find ways of securing their applications and services.

Apart from that, we are going to look at hardware hacking. You find that one way of protecting your car from physical hacking is proper maintenance. For example, using the low quality battery that produces inconsistent voltage and current can affect your alarm system but instead use high-quality maintenance free battery. You find that the MF battery comes with added benefits too, and you can view page on MF battery by RB Battery to learn more. One thing with having access to the car’s maintenance and management system can allow the attackers to compromise the rest of the car.

Last but not least, we have firmware updates. One thing that you should know is that firmware is used by both modern and smart cars but at a different level. Take a case of ECU that contains data that governs the car’s engine under different conditions which can be updated for higher performance or better efficiency. The best part is that the firmware can now be updated remotely or over-the-air update. Besides, extra steps are taken to sign the firmware update and make sure that no malicious code can be injected into the car’s management system.