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August 9, 2019


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Tips on How to Profit in Writing Business as an Author

Storytelling has played a part in human civilization. Stories have been shared from generation to generation. Even marketing and advertising is a specific type of storytelling. Also, if you cherish recounting stories, then you may dream of becoming a full-time author. The main challenge however for many writers is figuring where to start when starting a career in writing. The famous saying of the penniless writer is not far from the truth. Becoming a successful author need preparation and full knowledge of the multiple challenges that exist in the writing industry which include things like objective publishers, vital notes from editors, working on strict deadlines and endless competition. But, bringing home the bacon with your writing is more practical than you may suspect. What’s more, you probably won’t have to sell your soul to get there! This article explains some of the ways an individual can use to have a successful career in writing.

The first method an individual who wants to make money as the author need to implement is to start the career with a blog. Writing an entire book requires a considerable commitment. The standard novel is around eight thousand words. Even if you have the entire book in mind, it will take you thirty-four hours of continuous typing to compete writing the book. You need to ask yourself if you are ready to spend thirty-four hours typing. Many authors would not prefer to type thirty-four hours constantly. There is more to writing than just typing, and you also need time to edit and correct the work. Also, even when you do wrap up your novel, who will you sell it to? Creating a reader base for your content is no joke. An extraordinary method to start that readership is by starting with a blog. It can likewise be a decent source of salary. Blog posts are not as long as a book making it easy to write and read. Many people like to read a single blog post than reading a whole a book. When you’ve developed this readership, you can utilize your blog as a stage to sell your book. In fact, it is important to note that many writers have used their blogs to get numerous deals for their books.

The second strategy you can use to have a successful career in writing is by going digital. Nowadays you don’t need to convince a publisher to write your books for you to sell it. However since the establishment of the digital age, ebooks have immensely popular. Even though there is a low sales volume of ebooks many people still prefer reading ebooks on their tablets or phones.