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August 9, 2019

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Know the Importance of Using Certified Mail

You will find that the use of certified mail is very common in the United States. If you want to make sure that your important documents would arrive safely to your intended recipient, then this is your best option. Certified mail is still preferred by some to use in sending documents even if we have today the methods of scanning and sending documents. We will present here briefly some commonly asked questions to be able to know what certified mail is all about.

For those who do not have the knowledge about certified mail, this is a mailing option that the United States is offering for their postal service. In this type of mailing service, the sender is allowed to know if his or her mail has been sent already by giving the person a receipt of the mailed document. To make sure that the mail is already delivered, the mail carrier or mail man will get the recipient to sign on a paper. By having the recipient sign, would ensure that the mail has arrived to its intended destination or address.

Part of the procedure of certified mail is then to keep the signature for up to two years in the USPS database. In this kind of mail service, there is also an option of the sender to have a return receipt services to the certified mail that the person sent. Through this additional service, the copy of the signature of the recipient will be sent to the sender via email, assuring the sender that the mail reached to the intended address of the recipient.

Certified mail is a common choice of sending documents by people who would like to have a confirmation that their mails have been received by the right recipient and intended address. Legal documents are commonly sent through certified mail because senders are ensured that there will be no loose ends in the delivery of the documents that could create legal problems for them.

It is very easy to use certified mail even if you are a first timer, where you will just fill up the 3800 form so that you can get the service. This 3800 form can be given at any post office in the US, it is a card that is colored green, and this is attached to the certified mail to be sent.

Take note of the important condition of the certified mail service, and this is that the US postal service would offer this only within the US. Know that there are two types of certified mail services being offered to the US consumers.

The number one option that you should know is the certified first class mail where you will be given a receipt of the mail you are sending. Next is the priority mail service which will ensure senders that their mails will reach its destination within two to three days.

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