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August 9, 2019

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Ways Of Making The Crispy Pizza With A Pizza Stone

In the event that you are contemplating to making the crispy pizza, the toppings options that you will have access to are limitless. If you are looking to be amazed by the fruits of your efforts, it is advisable to be a master in preparing the pizza dough. By using the pizza stone you will be in a position to get bases that are not only crisp but thin.

In order to make the perfect dish of pizza using the pizza stone, there are certain ingredients that you need to have ready. These include salt,125ml of water,2 table spoons of oil, 100g of yeast that is freshly obtained and plain flour weighing 250g. On the other hand you will require to get the mozzarella, tomato sauce, rocket, figs that are either fresh or gone through preservation and cured ham to be used as your toppings for the pizza.

You will begin your process of making the perfect pizza using the pizza stone by having a bowl of water that has been sprinkled with the dry yeast. Next you will need to let the mixture sit for around between 5-8 minutes for the purpose of developing of the action of bubbling. The reason why you are performing this step is for the purpose of testing how effective the yeast is.

The next move after the proofing is attained involves carrying out the stirring of the salt that is mixed with cold water. You must follow this with the addition of the flour one cup at a time and start stirring it. The way that you are going to tell that you are through with this step is if you can remove the dough from the bowl with ease.

Choose a floured surface and undertake the flour kneading till you are certain that it has become smooth. Make pieces of the dough and spread the oil over them. The next step involves keeping the dough pieces in containers for a duration of 16 hours that are sealed for the purpose of getting it to rise.

At this stage you must undertaking the preheating of the oven and make sure that the pizza stone is put inside it. Take the dough pieces and perform dusting on them and stretch them to the sizes that you want. When you through with this, add the sauce and top up your pizza with the ingredients of your choice.

Finally you will have to place the pizza on the pizza stone being the final stage of making the delicious dish. After the baking has taken approximately 5 minutes, your dish will be ready. A pampered chef pizza stone will be ideal in getting satisfactory results and you can read about it it here.