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August 9, 2019

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Do you Know the Best Course of Action During an Automotive Accident?

Statistics show that over 1.25 million people die annually from automobile-related accidents, translating to at least 3,287 deaths daily. Further, another 20 to 50 million people are left disabled or severely injured and incapacitated from these accidents. Having said that, many people end up frustrated and confused not knowing what to do or where to start when involved in a car accident. How about you learn some dos and don’ts for your personal safety to avoid making very costly mistakes that may affect the outcome of your case. Here is a list of these dos and don’ts to always keep in mind.

First and foremost, always call the police as the first point of action when involved in an accident. No doubt the police will come in handy especially in helping you seek medical attention and also in gathering the bits and pieces to make the accident. Police details, comments and notes about the accident can play a huge role should the accident case proceed to trial so be sure to give them priority over anything else.

Never leave the scene of the accident unless it is urgent medical attention, otherwise always wait for the police to show up. No doubt the charges of leaving the accident scene may be more severe even if the other person decides to leave the scene. It is imperative you ensure the scene of the accident is fully protected until the police give a go ahead unless of course, your physical injuries are more than you can bear. If you can, take images and short clips of the scene with your mobile phone. It is also advisable to have flares or flashers on, flashlights or headlights to ensure other road users are informed of the accident ahead lest they ram into the scene and cause more havoc.

As mentioned, never put off medical attention even if you feel fine immediately after the accident. Remember, most of the internal injuries may not be seen or felt until after a couple of weeks so take the time to understand and learn more about the same. Your doctor should run thorough tests on you for soft tissue injuries and possible internal bleeding that may affect your system without your knowledge. Are their witnesses around the accident scene that are willing to share their contact details?