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August 9, 2019


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Significant Search Optimization Similes That are Useful in Explaining SEO

It is important to note that explaining the task of an SEO marketer is not easy. The best way that an individual can use to explain what an SEO is by using the similes below.

Firstly, SEO is considered to be like a good mystery. The main aspects that a detective do when they perform their duty is that they get to evaluate the pattern, take a look at the past behavior and then get to give a prediction of the future. The case is the same as SEO. SEO evaluates the past keywords and does a research on the past behavior of google and other search engines. The future growth is determines with the strategy that SEO uses. When an SEO strategy does not work out as required, then the mandate of the provider is to trace what is wrong and try as much as they can to resolve the issue at hand.

The second simile that an individual can use is that SME is similar to investing in the stock market. It is important for one to take note of the fact that this service will guarantee them a huge return on investment. However, a client can after two weeks claim that they have not gotten the return on the investment yet. It is notable that now a lot of things result to fast results. Even though this is the case, SEO works differently as it is considered to be a long-term investment. With stocks, an individual can be certain of getting their returns as long as one exercises patience. With SEO, it is necessary for an individual to ensure that the keywords that they are using are the right ones and that the content creation is perfect. This hence guarantees an individual that they will get more earnings and that they will have more traffic to their website.

Lastly, SEO is like a chocolate chip cookie. For a chocolate chip cookie to come out perfect, then there need to be a combination of a couple of ingredients. There is also the need to ensure that the ingredients put are of the needed portions. For a SEO to be perfect, then there need to be a perfect combination of keyword research, content creation and other relevant aspects. When an individual is certain that all portions are the needed ones, then it is certain that they will experience growth in their revenue and traffic. However, by putting the wrong portions, then an individual risk closing their business.