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August 9, 2019

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Different Allergies in Dogs.
Dogs are part and parcels of our families, and they are at times our best friends. Dogs just like any other living creature needs food, water, shelter, exercise and also prevention against diseases and parasites. Dogs usually have allergies at times. There are different kinds of allergies in dogs. The following are dog’s allergies, their symptoms and how to prevent and treat them.

Skin allergies are the most common allergies that attack dogs. Skin allergies vex the skin. Major causes of skin allergies are environmental factors and fleas. Saliva in flea’s bites is the one that causes skin allergies. After the bites the fleas, their saliva irritates dog’s skin. Heavy infestation will make a dog scratch its skin as a result of heavy irritation. Mostly these kind of allergies are concentrated at the base of the tail. Mostly flea allergies make a dog to scratch and bite around its ears and paws and sometimes they have some stomach complications. When suffering from environmental allergies, a dog will be irritated at its ankles, ears, paws, and spaces between toes.

A dog suffering from skin allergy will be having a great discomfort and will be scratching and trying to bite it skin more times than normal. Visible effects on the skin of the dog are noticed under heavy infestation. Causes of environmental allergies in dogs include pollen, dust, and mold. skin allergy can be prevented by bathing a dog with correct flea treatment Medication of skin allergies include topical medication like creams and some baths which are also used to reduce skin irritation. There are some other supplements like omega-3 fatty acids which are also recommended for use by dogs. One of the advantages of supplements is that they help in protecting the skin of your dog and making it smooth.

Food allergy is another type of dog’s allergy apart from skin allergy. This kind of allergies can sometimes be being difficult to note or diagnosing. Mostly, dogs, when suffering from food allergies, will have an immune response that can include facial swelling, itchiness, and hives. They can also suffer from diarrhea or vomiting or sometimes both. Food allergy is different from food sensitivities because they two have different symptoms though they share some in common. Food allergy is stronger than food sensitivity for it has stronger symptoms than those of food sensitivity. When a dog shows signs of being abnormal, a veterinary should be asked to assist in the examination of the dog. Mostly dogs have issues when they eat eggs, corn, wheat, and variety of food so sometimes you will only know through the process of elimination. Veterinary help is most advisable because he or she is knowledgeable. Veterinary will suggest the kind of food your dog should take it.