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August 9, 2019

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Famous Places that you Should Visit in the City of Rome

If you want to visit Rome, you may feel amazed for the beginners. This city of Rome has a lot to offer than your typical family vacation. Rome usually boasts of so many things than most cities. The city is very beautiful naturally and has big famous restaurants. You will enjoy visiting ancient sites which are historic like the Colosseum and the pantheon. The following are some of the famous Rome attractions that you should visit.

A big tourist attraction in Rome is the Colosseum. It is usually the number one places that people visit. The Colosseum was erected during the Flavian dynasty. The whole world recognizes the Colosseum as a top historic site. The monument was built over 2000 years ago and it was used for public spectacles and gladiator. In 2018, about seven million went to see the Colosseum.

Another tourist attraction in Rome is Saint Peter’s Basilica. Just as the colosseum is recognized in the whole world, Saint peter’s basilica is known to be the holiest place in the world. Saint Peter was buried there. For those who are not conversant with Christianity, saint peter was an apostle of Jesus Christ and was also the first pope.

The pantheon is also a nice place to be. It boasts of preservation of old structures in the city. It is still there unharmed by tourists and mother nature. This monument was constructed two thousand years ago. Since the name means honor all gods, it seems that the gods have honored it.

There is also the Trevi Fountain which is also a big tourist attraction in the city of Rome. You can go and throw pennies in the fountain for fun. Nicola Salvi designed this fountain in the 18th century.

The Vatican museums are another good place to visit while in Rome. This is a state that is surrounded by Vatican walls and is very small. Many people usually visit the Vatican and hence their ticket lines are always long.

You will also find the Spanish steps in the city of Rome which is also a nice place to visit. It consists of one hundred and thirty eight steps. These steps we re being constructed to join Trinita dei Monti with the prominent Spanish Piazza. However, the steps are found in the middle of a busy commercial center. Make sure to research for reliable tour guides to help you navigate through these tourist attractions.

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