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August 9, 2019

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Biotoxin Illness – What is it?

There are some people who mostly feel tired than normal, have problems with thinking, remembering things, depressed or is unmotivated, you may be exposed with suffering from a Biotoxin illness. With this article, you can get some information about Biotoxin illness, how you can test this and how it could be treated as well.

There are various kinds of organisms today that produces different chemicals that’s known to as Biotoxins that causes a toxic response to humans when this is ingested, inhaled and if there’s ever a physical contact to our skin. This would include bacterial and viral infections, mold, fungus, dental compounds, parasites, toxins because of stress and food preservatives. Some people that’s predisposed genetically to react to Biotoxins as well as to develop various symptoms.

Biotoxins can disrupt our important bodily functions of the nervous system that includes DNA transcription, nutrient transport and mitochondrial respiration. It could also dissolve fatty tissues and be able to move through the cell membranes because membranes are about 50% fat. It likewise have the ability of disrupting sodium and calcium channel receptors and could potentially disrupt electrostatic functions of our cell and the cells which signals through our body.

In order to determine whether a patient has Biotoxin illness, an essential thing which the physician do is by checking on the patient’s history. The Biotoxin illness physician needs to consider understanding the past illness of a patient, their current and past symptoms, surgical history, medications and their environmental exposure. If the full history has been acquired, the physician would then start on the process of looking for possible exposure risk.

Once that the possible risks had been identified and when initial screening tests were made, the physician would then recommend for several blood tests that will serve as a guide to help understand our body’s response towards inflammation and then could help determine whether Biotoxin is truly the main suspect.

Treating Biotoxin illness have various steps involved, which needs to be tailored for each patient and their case. The most important step would be to identify the exposure as well as to ensure that this will be avoided. In case Biotoxin was really the one that’s identified as the culprit, there are in fact various agents that is going to be used by the physician which would help to remove Biotoxin and help in regulating hormones, osmolality and androgens that had been affected by the exposure. Read more here in this article by BioDesign Wellness.

Biotoxin illness will require the appropriate expertise coming from the right physicians that were trained on the subject. If in case you suspect yourself having Biotoxin illness, make sure to go to your doctor so you will be checked.