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August 9, 2019


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The Symptoms of Withdrawal and How You Can Pull Through

Pulling through an alcohol and drugs addiction is always a daunting journey, even with an abundance of resources and support accessible. Whether you intend on recovering from an addiction that has bothered you for years or you have realized you are addicted, it is important that you understand what you will be experiencing during the withdrawal process. It is necessary that you understand withdrawal and what to do to withstand the potential side effects that come with the drug addiction recovery process as it will ensure that you remain strong and complete treatment to live a sober life. Here is how you live a life soberness while experiencing the withdrawal process that comes with detoxing.
Withdrawal process is the manner in which toxins are eliminated from an individual’s body, a lot of the time resulting in antagonistic consequences far from pleasant. The side effects brought about by the withdrawal process show a discrepancy grounded on the drug one is addicted to and how severe the addiction is. After some time, as the body readapts to functioning without substances or alcohol, the signs of withdrawal experienced start to scatter.
One of the common symptoms of withdrawal is insomnia. You will find it hard to sleep or get enough rest in the early periods of withdrawal. Tremors or shakiness in the extremes are other common symptoms of withdrawal. One will be shaking if he or she has been abusing alcohol or more severe substances. As a person is consistently shaky as he goes without alcohol, the condition is often known as “the shakes”. Pain will be a nightmare when abusing street drugs or opiates; you will have aching muscles and joints. Most parts of the body will be exceedingly tender and sore during detoxification. You are likely to experience a change in stool more so when you have an addiction to opiates. You suffer from sessions of diarrhea, constipation as well as cramping when detoxing.
One vital and first step you should take joining a detox and rehabilitation plan is to acknowledge that detox is a necessity and you are addicted. When you are ready to say you have an addiction openly, contact your close associates and family members to create system for moral and emotional assistance as you begin you work your way to a life of sobriety. Make sure that you seek out suitable rehab facilities; both inpatient and outpatient, whose detox programs accommodate your type of addiction.
Furthermore, it is imperative that carry on with individual and group therapy even when you have concluded with rehab programs. In addition to that, you can access the aftercare resources easily because they are offered by medical personnel and therapists trained for detox as well as the rehabilitation clinics. Ensure that you have various local resources for easy access to help after completing detox as the process will be more successful.

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