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August 9, 2019

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Tips and Guidelines on How and When A Red Maple Tree Should Be Pruned
There are several things that many people do and look out for to cope with the start of autumn. Some for instance usher in the seasons by looking out for the fresh and bold hues on the water maples. It is vital to note that just like any other plants, seasonal changes result in changes in the color of leaves of the trees and one should understand what each color says about the season and the temperature. For one to keep their red maple trees looking great throughout the year, it is essential to understand when and how one should prune them which explains why this article shares a quick guide on how one can find a perfect time to do so as seen below.

Before going ahead to explaining the pruning process when it should be done as well as how, it is essential to explain some basic aspects that everyone must understand about red maple trees. Red maples have a vast range of names including the trident red maples as well as water and scarlet maples even though they are scientifically known as Acer rubrum and they were originally found in North America. In as much as the trees thrive maximally in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 3 to 8,there is no need to worry as they can still grow well in any part of the country while at the same time putting in mind that they mature at a very amazing height that allows most landscapers to use them in making appealing and private fences as well as lining driveways. The trees are also most people’s favorite as they grow at an unbelievable speed of about one to two feet every year which makes them among the fastest growing trees in the United States.

Next on the list is how to plan and gather the red maple supplies and one should understand that pruning should be done in the late spring when new leaves are fully developed which is usually around late May and early June. The late spring is the best and most suitable time for one to do pruning as very little mess occurs at the time and while on it, it is vital to do so with some skills and knowledge to ensure that no harm is caused on the plants in the process. There are numerous tools and equipment that people need to have to ensure that they effectively prune the trees and end up with amazing results in the long run.