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August 9, 2019

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Why There is a Tradition of Giving Keys of Cities to People
Are you interested to know more about why keys to the city are given to certain persons? If you desire to learn more about then you can simply continuing reading so that you get your answer to that question.
For a start let us look more about the history of this practice of giving keys to some people in the cities. In the olden times cities that existed before have walls as their protections. The walls ensured the safety of those who are living behind these walls. The walls prevented the barbarians from simply attacking cities and prevented people who have contagious illnesses to enter the city as well. In these times there are certain people who have free access to a city. In this olden times when you have a key to the city you are given the power to enter and leave the city as you see fit. The people who received such keys include the military, visiting officials and the free man. The free man is one that is not bound by slavery. The slaves who are not free do not have such keys because they are yoked to their masters.
In the modern world that we are in now, city walls do not anymore have such great value. Even if that is the situation now there is still the ongoing tradition of handing on the keys of a city to some people. But do these keys still convey a certain power to those who are given it? That is not the case but what is given to those who are given it is honor from the city. That is why if you find out more about it you will see that there are many celebrities who have been recipients of this tradition. Many of them have been given keys from the towns where they grew up as a way of honoring them as citizens from that town.
Aside from celebrities there are also other people who receive such honor from a town and they are special dignitaries or people who have accomplished something great. There is actually a pilot who was given keys to a city because he was able to land his plane safely on the ground even if he ran into a large number of birds. He was able to save a lot of people’s lives because of this. In fact the flight attendants were also given keys to the cities.
But even if there are stories like this you would if you find more about you will learn that this is more often than not a publicity stint. Typically the mayor of the town would like for his town to be recognized as related to a famous celebrity.