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August 9, 2019

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Scientific studies have shown that your satisfaction with your job or your education has something to do with your mental awareness as well as self-actualization. Everyone is working towards transforming his or her life. In self-actualization you will have fulfilled your potentialities and talents. Looking at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs you will notice that this comes at the top. The emphasis is on fulfilling the highest needs in your life. It is also about life’s philosophy. People who have self-actualized lead a very interesting life. Many people are striving to excel but the great thing about those who have attained self-actualization is that they get pleasure from the fulfillment in life. In matters to do with self-improvement, this is something you cannot afford to ignore. Self-actualized people will not just enjoy the destination but also the journey. You will encounter a lot of challenges when you are striving to achieve your goals. If things are not going your way you may think that giving up is a great option.

However, those who have self-actualized will not just appreciate the journey but also consider the bigger picture. Some of their well-known traits are autonomy and even independence. They do not conform to what others define as happiness or what they think leads to happiness. They also have an interest in the things they can learn as they are working towards their goals. It is the journey that will eventually lead you to succeed and if you are not willing to stick to that then things will be hard. Someone who is self-actualized will derive much pleasure in investing efforts that will lead him or her to accomplish the goals. Thus, the highlight isn’t the goal achievement or the dream but also the process. These people also have a philosophical sense of humor. Even with things not being how they wanted them to be they will ridicule and laugh at themselves.

This eases their stress and helps them get a different perspective or view in life when it comes to goal achievement. They are mindful of how other people feel which is why they cannot make jokes that can hurt others. They do not just make people laugh but also find ways to assist them. When they learn to laugh at the mistakes they make it will also help them keep their focus. A sense of humor is the tool that keeps them from going over the edge when the situation is stressful. The self-actualized know about their flaws and they are okay with that. Every human being should love him or herself. However, many people do not know how to love what they hate about themselves.