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August 9, 2019

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Fun Activities for your Dog

Those who have dogs for pets have the responsibility to take care of them. There is the duty of entertaining them as part of the routine. There are dogs that value their sleep, and others that may be bored. This is the perfect recipe for destructive behavior. Here are the means through which you can handle that boredom.
You need to have them exercising. A dog that has been cooped up indoors all day needs to get out and get some exercise. This makes for a good time for them to release all that stored energy. If you can walk the dog for an hour in the morning, it shall be great. Even when you are short of time, go for as long as possible. As time goes, increase it till you can do the right amount.
You should also work on their mealtimes to make them fun. There are toys you can get that shall turn mealtime into fun times. Alternatively, you can hide their treats in different parts of the house and have them hunt them out.
You then need to get them new toys. As time goes, they will get bored with what they see daily. When you rotate through the old and new, you will keep them interested.
If your schedule allows, you can also get into games of tug-of-war with them. This becomes more fun when you allow your kids to participate.
You need to also change the routes and times you go for walks. There is no better way to keep all those times more fun for the dog. Visiting different neighborhoods is a chance for the dog to learn new things.
You can take time to teach the dog house chores. They will enjoy being included in such. You can for instance teach them to return their toys in storage after playing. These chores shall give you a more confident dog.
You need to also get the dog more play dates. This is most beneficial for those with one dog. This is easier for those who have friends and relatives who keep dogs. It will be great if all of you could meet up over a weekend to let them play together. Be careful with first encounters, as it may turn violent among strange dogs, until they are used to each other. Apart from that, visiting new places also gets these dogs excited.
You may also use the TV to entertain them. They love the different sounds and voices coming from the TV. This gets them thinking.
These tips need to be applied with patience and keen observation of their impact. You should take time to read more about how to care for the pet. There shall be more info on this site.