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August 9, 2019


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How Churches Have Transformed Today

The history of churches dates back to hundreds of years ago. To be specific, the oldest church, Dura-Europos Church was established several centuries ago in Syria. It was initially a private home before it turned into a church. With time, churches have adapted to a lot of changes. Today, there have been several changes in the church. The article herein discusses some of the notable changes in the church today.

First, there are changes in the congregation. The population of the people who attend churches today has reduced significantly. That is not the case in the churches today. One of the reasons why there is a reduction in the population in the church is that church service is more personal because you are likely to know everyone who goes to church regularly and pastors can cater the services to the congregation. Today, people are going to church for different reasons. Today, going to church but initially it was felt like a mandatory activity.

It is also important to note that modern churches focus on community. A modern church has turned into a home for different community groups such as support groups, bible study groups, among others. Also, other activities such as fundraising are becoming tolerable in the modern church. There is also a reduction in the level of spending. Unlike before when people used to donate and churches would spend, the modern churches tend to be less extravagant.

Churches no longer compete as before. Churches used to have a tendency to welcome a huge congregation. That has changed because churches today welcome those who are willing to join. Moreover, church leaders are always learning so they can serve their congregation’s needs better. Ancient church leaders believed that what they had learned was enough. Since they learn continuously, they are expected to gain more knowledge and they can concentrate on themselves.

The is also a significant change in the lessons churches teach. The ancient churchgoers were considered to have a better understanding of the doctrines and they knew what was expected of them. There is a lot of learning and exploration in the modern church. You must be familiar with the fact that churches today offer support services on various issues such as marriage. Lastly, churches are moving with time. You will agree that most churches invite guest speakers today, making the community to learn. Churches can now reach a wider audience, thanks to technology. Some churches such as Parkway Fellowship church have websites where you can get the teachings remotely.