The very best arguments for choosing rattan sun loungers

August 7, 2019


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The years of unpleasant plastic sun loungers are over. The new variety of rattan sun loungers are here, offering style, efficiency and highest level of comfort. So what exactly is so excellent regarding wickerwork sun lounge chairs and why should you consign your outdated cheap outdoor patio chair to the scrapheap?

Rattan sun loungers are not the most standard pieces of outdoor furniture out there but they’re soon to become a complete staple. Gone are the days in which shabby aluminium contraptions and unattractive white plastic deck chairs dominated the back garden. Today rattan sun loungers are set to revolutionise how you accessorise your outdoors spaces.

The way we consider designing our backyards could be changed by the combination of weather proof materials, top quality and amazing modern design present in rattan sun loungers. Developments in the science behind most of the materials used rattan sun lounge chairs have permitted designers to generate items which are at the forefront of modern design and can be utilized outside all year round in all weather conditions too.

Rehau stressflex fibre, a particularly outstanding number of rattan made in Germany, has allowed designers the flexibility and durability they need to create rattan sun loungers that surpass anything that plastic, wicker or metal materials can currently do. Think bold, brand new, geometric shapes, smart little design characteristics and ergonomic models designed explicitly for your comfort!

The reticulated, all-weather sea foam now used in the best rattan sun loungers, combined with 316 marine grade stainless steel fittings makes genuinely all-weather patterns completely possible. Although it may seem unbelievable, completely weather resistant outdoor furniture truly exists.

Anytime someone asks you to think of the standard sun lounger you will think of two things: white, plastic poolside loungers or a kind of aluminium frame united only by a sort of plastic or fabric. As ‘classic’ as these designs might seem, they are so wrong for so many reasons.

Your conventional white plastic design has been created to endure all weathers but has sacrificed human comfort along the way. If you have ever spent over fifteen minutes on one of these you’ll know what we mean. The mixture of skin, sun lotion, hot weather and plastic-type material is gluey, ‘scrappy’ and just horribly uncomfortable.

In the mean time, the ‘framed’ option has made concessions to comfort but fallen down on durability and steadiness. These lounge chairs will quickly have corrosion and aren’t suitable for all weather conditions. In heavy rainfall they’ll mould and corrode and in high winds they are likely to go flying.

Luckily the brand new rattan sun loungers address many of these issues. Revolutionary design and outstanding materials enable the makers of rattan sun loungers to guarantee longevity, stability, high quality, comfort, stunning design and total weather proofing.

The main element to finding rattan sun loungers which tick all of those boxes is to try to find high quality not price. While less expensive rattan sun loungers may be tempting financially they will not last long and you will be forced to splash out on more pieces of furniture for your backyard. The one off purchase of a top quality, design classic will allow you to make financial savings in time and take pleasure in spectacular rattan sun loungers for the near future.